Partial List of Clients

The following list of clients is not complete. Follow the links to recordings made by the respective players on my instruments.

Karen Ande -- Stainer bass

Brad Arthur -- Meares bass

Barbara Bailey -- Bertrand bass

Mary Ann Ballard -- Stainer bass

Peter Ballinger -- Stainer bass, Norman tenor, Norman treble

David Barth -- Bertrand bass

Hedwig Baurecker -- Meares bass

Amy Brodo -- Norman treble

Michael Brüssing -- Stainer bass

Mark Chatfield -- Bertrand bass

Christophe Coin -- Stainer bass

Sarah Cunningham -- John Rose tenor

Nima Ben David -- Stainer bass

Lorenz Duftschmied -- Norman bass

Wendy Gillespie -- Stainer bass

Claudia Gottsmann -- Meares bass

Janet Green -- Stainer bass

Franz Höhrhan -- Stainer bass

Penny Hanna -- Bertrand bass

Erin Headley -- Stainer bass, Meares bass, Lirone

Jean Humphrey -- Meares bass

Oliver Iberien -- Bertrand bass

Julie Jeffrey -- Bertrand bass, Meares bass, Norman tenor

Andreas Johnson -- Stainer bass

Vera Kalmijn -- Stainer bass

Jane Ann Koch -- Bertrand bass, Meares bass, Barytone

Angus Lansing -- Stainer bass

Joanna Levine -- Stainer bass

Urte Lukait -- Stainer bass

Margarete Lutz -- Stainer bass

Nancy Nuzzo -- Bertrand bass

Pierre Pitzl -- Stainer bass, lirone

Juan Manuel Quintana

Klaus Renoldner -- Stainer bass

Kristin Rhigetti -- Meares bass

Ventura Rico Castello -- Stainer bass

Michael Rigsby -- Norman treble

Hartmut Schina -- Norman bass, Norman treble

Diana Silva -- Norman division

David Sinclair -- Stainer bass

Debbie Soule -- Meares bass

Trudi Staub -- Kögl tenor, Mausiell treble

Sandra Stram -- Bertrand bass

University of Graz -- Stainer bass

Jose Vazquez -- Stainer bass, John Rose tenor

Jorge Daniel Ventura -- Stainer bass

Hilde B. Walsh -- Bertrand bass

Claudia Woldan -- baroque violin

Lyle York -- Meares bass

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