CDs available with instruments made by Peter Hütmannsberger

This list is by no means complete. If you have information about one of my instruments being used in a recording, please contact me.

* Caino e Abele
Bernardo Pasquini
Il teatro Armonico
Symphonia SY 90501
with Pierre Pitzl (Viola da Gamba)

* La Ressurezione
Georg Friedrich Händel
Le Musiciens du Louvre/Marc Minkowski
Archiv Produktion 447 767-2
with Juan Manuel Quintana (Viola da Gamba)

* Johannespassion
Johann Sebastian Bach
Concentus Musicus (Nikolaus Harnoncourt)
Teldec 9031-74862-2
with Christophe Coin (Viola da Gamba)

* Fortune My Foe, Songs of John Dowland
John Dowland
Echos Muse
Koch International Classics 3-7170-2H1
with Wendy Gillespie (Viola da Gamba)

* Banchetto Musicale
Johann Hermann Schein
Sex Chordae Consort of Viols
Centaur CRC 2357
with Amy Brodo, Julie Jeffrey (Viole da Gamba)

* Bell'Arte Salzburg
Salzburger Meister des Barocks
Bell'Arte Salzburg
ram 59602
with Michael Brüssing (Viola da Gamba)

* Il Ballo Delle Ingrate
Claudio Monteverdi
Teldec 4509-90798-2
with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba, Lirone)

* Orpheus I Am
Robert Johnson, William Lawes
EMI CDC 7 54311 2
with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba, Lirone) & Sarah Cunningham (Viola da Gamba

* Salve Regina, Claudio Monteverdi, Il seminario Musicale/TragicomediaVirgin Classics VC 7 91145-2 with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba)

* Quel lascivissimo Cornetto, Virtuoso Music for Cornetto, BruceDickey/Tragicomedia Accent ACC 9173D with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba)

* La Dolce Vita, Music in Renaissance Naples, The King'sSingers/Tragicomedia EMI Classics CDC 7 54191 2 with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba)

* Sprezzatura Caccini, Monteverdi, u.v.a. Tragicomedia, EMI ClassicsCDC 7 54312 2 with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba)

* Le Canterine Romane, Luigi Rossi, Tragicomedia, Teldec 4509 90799-2 with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba, Lirone)

* Madrigali Concertati, Claudio Monteverdi, Tragicomedia, Teldec 4509-91971-2 Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba, Lirone)

* Amor Amor, Roman Cantatas c. 1640, Suzie Le Blanc/ Tragicomedia, Vanguard Classics 99140 with Erin Headley (Viola da Gamba, Lirone)

* Brandenburg Concertos, Johann Sebastian Bach, Pickett/New London Consort, with Joanna Levine (Viola da Gamba)

* Soiree at Esterhazy Divertimenti a tre
Joseph Haydn, Andrea Lidl
Wien Barock
with Jose Vazquez (Viola da Gamba)