Viols after Hanns Kögl

Hanns Kögl, a contemporary of Jakob Stainer, spent most of his working life in Vienna. He left a number of violins, violas and a set of viols, which are kept in the City Museum in Linz, and the Monastery of Kremsmünster. The Monastery of Kremsmünster still has records of the purchase from the maker.

I have made a copy of the "tenor" viol kept in the museum. While I was "restoring" the instrument for the museum, I had the chance to examine it closely. The size of the instrument suggests, that it was an "alto" viol (possibly tuned in "A" rather than "G"). It works fairly well as a tenor and produces a lovely viola like sound on the top strings. The string length is about 47 cm.

Viols after Leonhard Mausiell

Leonhard Mausiell, a citizen of Nürnberg, Germany, lived about two generations after Jakob Stainer. He was, however, heavily influenced by the Austrian master and based his instruments on those made by Stainer. His treble viol, in private ownership in Germany bears a strong resemblance to the viole d'Amores, which were very popular in his day. While the sound is very »silvery« (almost like a viola d'amore), it makes a beautiful treble viol.